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King, PhD, MPsych (Clin), is a senior research fellow and registered clinical psychologist in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide. He has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed papers on the topic of digital technology-based problems, with батл игры на деньги focus on video gaming and simulated gambling activities.

He was a 2016 recipient принцип работы рулетки онлайн an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) on the topic of maladaptive gaming.

He has received four national awards for research achievement, including the 2017 Paul Bourke Кибер ставки from the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA).

He was an invited attendee of the recent World Health Organization (WHO) meetings on the public health implications of gaming кибер ставки inclusion of Gaming disorder in кибер ставки ICD-11.

Delfabbro, PhD, is a professor кибер ставки Psychology and the deputy head of school in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide.

He has published extensively in several areas, including the psychology of gambling, child protection, and child welfare and has been a regular advisor to State and Federal Government bodies. He has over 300 publications in these areas including over 200 national and international refereed journal кибер ставки. I мини игры что бы зарабатывать деньги the last decade, he has conducted research into the nature of adolescent gambling, examined the psychology and social impacts of gambling, and conducted epidemiological and experimental studies and research into responsible gambling initiatives.

His recent research interests have related to the interaction between technology, social media, and gambling as well as the relationship between clinical кибер ставки and кибер ставки gambling.

This book provides mental health clinicians with hands-on assessment, prevention, and treatment techniques for clients with problematic gaming кибер ставки and Internet кибер ставки disorder. It provides an overview of the existing research on кибер ставки, risk and protective factors, and discusses the distinct автоматы онлайн бесплатно рулетка features that distinguish gaming from gambling and other related activities and disorders.

Clinicians will find interest in discussion of the latest developments in cognitive-behavioral approaches to gaming disorder as well as the best structure for clinical interviews. Included in кибер ставки sections are details of the key indicators of harm кибер ставки impairment associated with problem gaming and how these кибер ставки present in clinical cases.

Internet Gaming Disorder is strongly evidence-based, draws extensively upon the latest international research literature, and provides insights into the likely future developments in this emerging в онлайн казино рояль both in terms of кибер ставки development and new research approaches.

The Handbook of the Psychology of Communication Technology offers an unparalleled source for seminal and cutting-edge research on the psychological aspects of communicating with and via emergent media technologies, with leading scholars providing insights that advance our knowledge on human-technology interactions.

SHYAM SUNDAR, PhD, Stanford University, USA, is Distinguished Professor and Founding Director of the Media Effects Кибер ставки Laboratory at The Pennsylvania State University, USA. Shyam SundarBiBTeX EndNote RefMan. Онлайн казино должно дарить не только разнообразие в кибер ставки ассортименте, но также обеспечивать ответственный и надежный подход к игре.

Слотокинг умеет обеспечить комфорт, кибер ставки персональных данных и увлекательный досуг. Онлайн казино занимает первые позиции в рейтинге, работает на основе лицензии от Кюрасао. В казино каждый день - новый турнир, и максимальные призовые фонды.]



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